Would you trust one evil to save you from another?

Legendary monster hunter Biff Stone vanished without a trace in 1977. Almost fifty years later, but somehow not a day older, he just as mysteriously returns to right an old wrong.

Every Friday the 13th in a haunted hotel a thirteenth floor — a floor that doesn’t exist on any other day — appears, opening a portal to a hellscape teeming with lovecraftian nightmares. Into this hotel steps Biff Stone and there he must confront his past, accept his future, and meet his fate.

The Eldritch Arms is a riveting tale of otherworldly horror, heroism, and the lengths one man will go to make things right.

Magnum P.I. meets The Dresden Files in a tale of cosmic horror!

The Eldritch Arms

by Barry K Gregory

Fun, Action, Monsters, and Heart

“I absolutely loved the premise: a hard drinking, cigar smoking tough guy that looks a lot like Lee Horsely or Tom Selleck is displaced through time, winding up in the modern day to ply his trade as a monster hunter and occult investigator.”

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Great pulpy fun!

“The Eldritch Arms is not what I expected. I figured that a book about a character named “Biff Stone” would be silly, tongue-in-cheek, and maybe good for a laugh or two. Yet, this book was beyond great.”

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Monster hunting with heart

“It makes for an addictive, page turning experience. The plot barrels ahead without stopping; at no point did I know what to expect next, which is nice. And I did not see the ending coming. “

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Monster hunting at it's best!

“Biff Stone may have a cheesy name but he’s a lot deeper than his physical appearance would suggest. The story is unpredictable, fast-paced and cosmic, spanning a couple dimensions as it hurtles toward an ending that leaves you wanting the next volume RIGHT NOW!  “

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Barry K Gregory

Writer of Horror, Fantasy, and Crime Thrillers

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