Fortune’s Fool


“Every step backward is a step toward fate.”

Yeah? So is a step in any direction, smart guy. Face it, you’re screwed.

Chance McCabe’s luck has to change sooner or later, right? It can’t keep spiraling downward forever. Can it? How long can he keep hopping from city to city, living on stolen credit cards? He needs a payday. He needs the organization to forget he exists. He needs his luck to change.

His last job went sideways. No payoff, a member of his crew lying dead on the sidewalk, and cops swarming the scene. And all he got was the blame and the organization’s undying ire.

Then an unexpected encounter in an airport terminal presents an opportunity. A place to hide, a chance to right an old wrong, and maybe, just maybe, an infusion of funds. But it’s risky. It could give the organization a chance to find him. A chance to catch up to him.

It’s risky.

But his luck has to change sooner or later. Doesn’t it?

472 pages
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