A Thing Immortal


She can’t get past the trees. The ring of trees with the wards carved into them.

The little rat-faced mountain man must have put them there to keep her from running off, to make sure she stays his captive, his slave. There’s nothing she can do. She’s trapped. Someday, she figures, one of the mountain man’s beatings will go too far and he’ll finally kill her. That’s when she’ll be free. Only when she’s dead. That’s what she believes. Or, it’s what she believes up until the day the old gunfighter with eyes the color of wildflowers and skin as white as his long, scraggly hair comes riding up on a painted horse. Riding right past the warded trees and all the way to the door of the trapper’s shack…

An immortal gunslinger, a shadow wolf, a cursed manhunter, a wing-thief, and a mysterious girl without a name, battle gods and monsters in an American West that never was.

472 pages
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