Author of the Chance McCabe Thriller Series


Author of the Chance McCabe Thriller Series

The Chance McCabe Thriller Series

 After a couple of years in the Marines and a couple more in prison, Chance McCabe created a code.

A code designed to keep him alive, from going back to jail, and to keep him from becoming the thing he hated most — a lowlife thug and petty grifter like his old man. But when  the organization that had employed him for more than a decade is taken over by a rival syndicate, his code puts him on the outside looking in. And makes him some deadly new enemies…

Book One

Fortune's Fool

Chance McCabe got the blame for a job that went sideways and needed a place to lay low. A  place no one would ever look for him…

Book Two

A Little Oblivion

Chance McCabe survived his return to Hatchootucknee County. If barely. But one call from her and he was on his way back. He could never tell her no…


Black Fate

Chance McCabe had a good thing going. But good things never last and when his luck changes, things get dark quick…

Greg Kithe Does Not Exist

Well, maybe there’s someone out there named that, but he ain’t the one writing these books. I am. I’m Barry K Gregory and I write horror, fantasy, and comic books under my own name, but I use the name Greg Kithe (the first syllable of my last name and a mangling of my middle name) when I’m writing crime/thrillers/mystery/suspense stories. The dividing line is reality. If there’s magic or monsters or anything that doesn’t exist in the ‘real’ world, then I use my own name since I was writing that kind of stuff first. But if there’s only murder and mayhem and weirdness but nothing supernatural, then my potty-mouthed alter ego takes the credit. 

I was born and raised in Mississippi. The fictional town of Barksdale and the fictional county of Hatchootucknee are mash-ups of several places I’ve lived and/or am quite familiar with. I’ve bounced through half a dozen states since I escaped Mississippi, but have lived in Central Florida since the year 2000, though I’m hoping to escape from here sometime in the next few years. I’ve been digging a tunnel for a while now.

I married Jennifer Holm in 1989 in Los Angeles. She could’ve done a lot better, but I’m happy she settled. We have three terrific kids, all born within a five-year span. Our older daughter is in college. Our son is a senior in high school and our younger daughter is a sophomore.

My best friend is a Siberian Husky who looks like a giant red panda.

You can follow Greg Kithe on Facebook or at his Amazon Author page. 


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