“A slam-bang mix of old west myth and dark fantasy legend, A THING IMMORTAL is a gritty, gunslinging triumph, chock-full of powerful medicine. TRUE GRIT meets THE WITCHER.” — Victor Gischler

Someday the mountain man will kill her and then she’ll be free.

That’s what the girl without a name believes. Right up until the day the old gunfighter with eyes the color of wildflowers and skin as white as his long, scraggly hair comes riding up on a painted horse. Riding right past the wards carved into the trees and all the way to the door of the mountain man’s shack…

An immortal gunslinger, a wolf made of shadows, a manhunter cursed by a ghost, a warrior who flies on stolen wings, and a mysterious girl without a name, battle ancient gods and monsters from the void in an American West that never was.

A Thing Immortal

by Barry K Gregory

Fantastic Novel

“The tension built as the various characters traveled along their varied paths, and I was constantly wondering what was around the next bend or over the next rise in their trails. Many authors simply cannot move several storylines forward in a coordinated fashion, but Gregory does so expertly.”

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Damn good book

“This book was sooo different from what I usually read but the fact the characters sounded interesting I bought it. I could barely put it down till I was done. I felt something for each of the characters.”

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Weird and Wild Fun!

“The book oozes western atmosphere, and the mystical moments are exceptional. The story structure follows several characters as their destinies intertwine. And that’s a good word for this book: intertwine. Barry’s writing confidence is on display with how he brings all the elements together. A engaging read. “

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Beautifully Written Adventure

“This author has crafted a western adventure full of mythology, laced with horror and compassion. It is a wonderful read. “

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Barry K Gregory

Writer of Horror, Fantasy, and Crime Thrillers

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