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Of Gods & Mages Prequel Vagabond

Of Gods & Mages 1. Second Son (Coming 2024)

Of Gods & Mages 2. Godless (Coming 2024)

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A Thing Immortal

The Eldritch Arms

Fortune's Fool

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Of Gods & Mages

Prequel: Vagabond

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About Me

Yeah, I know you didn’t ask but I’m telling you anyway.


I was born and raised in Mississippi, but I’ve bounced through a dozen states since. I’ve lived in Central Florida since the year 2000, though that is a situation I hope to rectify in the coming years.

I married Jennifer Holm in 1989 in Los Angeles. She married well beneath her station, a fact for which I am grateful every day. We have three terrific kids, all born within a five-year span. Our older daughter and son are both in college. Our younger daughter is in high school.

My best friends are a couple of Siberian Huskies. They’re brothers but from different litters.

I’m pro-science, pro-democracy, and anti-bullshit.

I write horror, fantasy, and comic books under my own name and crime/thriller novels under the name Greg Kithe (which is also my name only the letters are a little rearranged).

My preferred social media site is Threads. Click here to find me there. I follow everyone back.

I have an inactive account at the dead-bird place (a site I once loved) and it shall remain inert until they kick me off or the shithead who owns the place divests himself.

All my other social media accounts can be found below. Follow at your own risk. 

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Some nice things people have said. 

The Eldritch Arms

“The Eldritch Arms is not what I expected. I figured that a book about a character named “Biff Stone” would be silly, tongue-in-cheek, and maybe good for a laugh or two. Yet, this book was beyond great.”

Jim Clark

Goodreads Review

“It makes for an addictive, page turning experience. The plot barrels ahead without stopping; at no point did I know what to expect next, which is nice. And I did not see the ending coming.

Jeremy King

Amazon Review

“The story is unpredictable, fast-paced and cosmic, spanning a couple dimensions as it hurtles toward a cliffhanger ending that leaves you wanting the next volume RIGHT NOW! 

Charles Bordell

Amazon Review

A Thing Immortal

“The tension built as the various characters traveled along their varied paths, and I was constantly wondering what was around the next bend or over the next rise in their trails. Many authors simply cannot move several story lines forward in a coordinated fashion, but Gregory does so expertly.

Paul P.

Amazon Review

“The book oozes western atmosphere, and the mystical moments are exceptional. The story structure follows several characters as their destinies intertwine. And that’s a good word for this book: intertwine. Barry’s writing confidence is on display with how he brings all the elements together. An engaging read. 

Brian Clopper

Amazon Review

“My first time reading a western fantasy was such a great experience. Very dark and gritty, Grimdark fans will enjoy this. I love the myth and legend take on this book with the native deities. Very memorable characters 

Cynthia Wiley

Goodreads Review

Fortune’s Fool

(written as Greg Kithe)

” Realistic action, great character development, loads of suspense, a hint of spice, and some awesome editing all add up to make this one of my most favorite reads in a long long time. 

Will Decker

Goodreads Review

“A troubling subject, but a good read . I enjoyed the characters, descriptions of the locations and found the book to be suspenseful and attention worthy.

Bonnie Harris

Amazon Review

“Well written and has great characters. The writer has an outstanding imagination.

Don Ehrhardt

Goodreads Review

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